About us

UsedYetNew.com: Revolutionizing Sustainable Tech Renewal

Our Genesis: Launched in 2015 by Cdr Rishi Raj Singh (Retd.), a visionary with an illustrious background as a Naval Aviator and a scholar from ISB, Hyderabad, UsedYetNew.com is more than just a company. It's a testament to sustainable innovation in technology. After a distinguished career in the Navy and a dynamic tenure at Google, Cdr Singh's diverse expertise catalyzed the birth of our unique enterprise.

Our Ethos: In an era where e-commerce and easy-return policies were reshaping consumer habits, we embarked on a path less traveled. While others in the realm focused on the mere reselling of returned products, we embraced the challenge of refurbishment. Our mission was clear: rejuvenate technology, not just trade it. This foresight has not only distinguished us but also propelled our growth.

Our Evolution: From a nascent startup to a trailblazer in tech refurbishment, our journey over eight years has been meteoric. Stationed in Hyderabad, our team of 200 adept professionals dedicates itself to the art of refurbishing laptops and desktops, a craft validated by our ISO Certification.

Our Contribution: We're not just a business; we're a movement. With over 10 lakh products revived, we've significantly curbed electronic waste, contributing to environmental preservation and making cutting-edge technology attainable for the eco-conscious consumer.

Looking Ahead
: At UsedYetNew.com, our commitment to sustainable technological advancement is unwavering. We're set to continue innovating, serving, and leading the charge in redefining the tech re-commerce landscape, all while championing ecological responsibility.


Executive Team

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